Chef Tara Ciannella

Dedicated To Making Food Her Life

Chef Tara Ciannella opened Tara’s Italian Cucina so she could showcase not only her passion for food but how food brings people together.  Tara’s Italian Cucina is the compilation of chef Tara’s years of training on the line with her family’s background farming and cooking fresh, flavorful Meditteranean food.

Tara’s Italian Cucina has grown over the past years from a quaint small private chef company to one who now offers a variety of services for all of your chef needs.

Chef Tara Ciannella has truly become one with her calling; the kitchen.  She started as a sous chef and though years of grind went on to become an executive chef as well as a consulting chef to other restaurants.  Through the years, Chef Tara has appeared on Good Day NY, CHOPPED, and was a talented contestant on season 21 of Hells Kitchen.

Each and every day Chef Tara is learning about new techniques and taking on new jobs.  Tara’s flavor profiles have grown and she is mixing Italian food with many other types of cuisine.  She is dedicated to making food her life and helping others see food as not only a necessity but as a way of life.